EPS or not EPS

Brus­sels — Is it EPS or is it not EPS? That is a very good question.

Many of us mis­take all type of plas­tics for EPS – plas­tic bot­tles for exam­ple are not made out of this mate­r­i­al. Because of this, we have recent­ly pub­lished an info­graph­ic that shows what mate­ri­als are made of this smart mate­r­i­al, and which ones are not. 

EPS a very smart pack­ag­ing prod­uct. It is used in many things that we enjoy in our lives: it is used for fish box­es, and pack­ag­ing for elec­tri­cal con­sumer goods as well as the shock-absorb­ing mate­r­i­al in your bike hel­met. And after its use, EPS is 100% recy­clable and can be reclaimed for var­i­ous pur­pos­es many times over.

We hope that with this info­graph­ic you will now be able to dis­tin­guish between 100% recy­clable EPS and oth­er plas­tics.  


Info­graph­ic EPS vs. Plastic
AuthorDaniel Costa